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GigeFiber Solutions Fiber Solutions was founded in 2002 as a small networking services company. By 2006 GigeFiber Solutions Fiber Solutions had completed the final phase of a global IP network. This GigeFiber Solutions Interconnect has over 7000 POPs of private fiber, leased lines and partnered access. GigeFiber Solutions Fiber Solutions specializes in highly secure multi provider, multi site deployments for enterprises of all sizes.

Interconnecting the Enterprise

The interconnected era presents the enterprise with extraordinary opportunities and challenges. In the workplace of the future, your customers, employees and partners are dispersed over more geographic locations, using more devices and expecting more than ever.

But current IT architectures were built for a different time. They are in conflict with many of the core requirements of modern day computing, most pressingly the need to interconnect people, locations, clouds and data. The demand for high-performance connectivity is unprecedented and must be met in innovative ways. With interconnection, it can be.

An interconnected enterprise directly connects its employees, partners and customers to what they need, in the right context, using the devices, channels and services they prefer. The result: extraordinary experiences for your customers, high engagement for your employees, top value for your shareholders and exponential growth for your business.

Affiliate Program

What separates us from other companies is that our experts have spent years conducting thorough research to create cutting-edge solutions for businesses of every size. We understand that reliability is the key to getting the most out of your technology services, and that's why we create sound networks that allow your business to operate at blazing fast speeds.

Every company says it, but few live up to their claims of customer service is our main goal.” Well, we're here to change that. We believe in always exceeding your expectations. Our affiliate program is designed to help you be more successful. Through this program, we provide your customers with access to our extensive line of technology services. We know that technology isn't a one-size fits-all application. That's why we create custom solutions that fit each of your customer's unique requirements. Additionally, our affiliate program doesn't include any monthly sales requirements. You only use us when it makes sense to. And when you sell our services, we pay you! How easy is that?

Once you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with access to our extensive training program to help you better serve your customers. Furthermore, you'll get to take advantage of our affiliate site that lets you keep track of sales, commissions, up to the minute order status, and new leads for your company. You read that right we'll give you valuable leads to help your company. We value each and every one of our affiliates. You're the backbone of our company. For this reason, we take care of you very well.


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