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GigeFiber Solutions Custom Solutions Group delivers the highest value data center facilities while providing you with a solution to meet your unique and discerning needs. With our team’s collective decades of experience in site selection, design & construction, engineering, and operations, we can help provide or work in sync with your team to design customized building, electrical and mechanical systems for your high-performance computing facility. This can be within one of our facilities or in a separate and dedicated building. Our built-to-suit projects address requirements that range from low redundancy to high performance compute facilities typically configured to provide over 2.0 MW of critical load.

You’ll be in charge of the design and delivery of your facility. Simply choose from our wide range of options to best meet your most critical objectives, whether that be business flexibility, IT growth, time-to-market, or ongoing consumption needs.

Our custom data center solutions encompass:

  • Tailored site and building shell configurations
  • State-of-the-art, high efficiency mechanical and electrical systems
  • Connectivity networks
  • Power feeds
  • Security systems
No matter what your objectives are, each customized project is executed to meet your performance and programming requirements while delivering the facility at the lowest capital and operating costs, on time and on budget.


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